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Why Choose Couronne Publishing?

  • We are a Publishing and Marketing company and we understand the unique needs of Entrepreneurs and Business professionals. Our experienced staffs will work with you to publish your book and leverage it as a powerful marketing tool to make sure your business is successful and gets the attention it deserves.

  • Traditionally, writing and publishing a book is a long, tedious and overwhelming process -especially for busy entrepreneurs. We know that your time is precious and that not everyone is a born writer. We have designed our process to support you, and make publishing simple and fun.

  • Couronne Publishing does the grunt work for you, turning your ideas into a masterfully crafted book, while giving you 100% of the copyright ownership, creative control, and 100% of the royalties.

What Our Clients Are Saying


In 2013 I started to write a book and I was absolutely determined to write this book like an author. As the process went on, it very quickly felt like I found myself in quick sand of sorts: The harder I tried to write this book, the more I sank. It was that difficult.

I came across Couronne publishing late 2015 and by then I was already in talks with a book writing coach about whether I was going to enlist her services. You know how you know you want to do something but somehow its not at the forefront of your mind so you haven't quite taken that leap? well that's where I was when I was in talks with this writing coach and when I also got to learn about Couronne Publishing.

After some preliminary discussions, I could tell (even before enlisting their service) that Osamede (Prince) and Couronne publishing had helped clear some of the cob webs in my mind about the book and it was then that I knew that I was going to take a chance...on myself. With what I've learned over time and guidance from Couronne publishing, I went from "trying" to write a book in 2013, to being a published author in 2016.

I had already made the decision that I was going to be an author. The universe just brought me in contact with Couronne publishing and if I were to compare my two writing experiences, I will tell you without a doubt that it was like night and day and Couronne brought my book into the daylight. Take a chance on you. If you want something then you must be willing to go out and get it. What's the worst that could actually happen if you put in the work?

Agbomire (Re' ) Peters President/CEO Alpha Properties Inc. Author: Your House Your Choice